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Control-Finance and why I’m not putting money into it

Control-Finance and why I’m not putting money into it

I *was* in an Australian crypto facebook group and someone posted a link to a website that claimed daily profits. I laughed and got booted. The website is

The website looks SLICK, and professionally made. They have the standard secure SSL buttons at the bottom, and contact details. Looking up the address the company is registered under one person.

The company focuses a lot on two things

  • Investment offer of guaranteed 1% daily
  • Affiliate program

Any normal person who is scared of new programs would just put a few dollars, in however the affiliate program encourages people to put MORE money into the program. “Representatives” who put $300 or more get their name published on the website. Classic.


  • Cryptocurrency was made to defeat the purpose of the limitations of our current ‘fiat’ system. i.e. inflation and PRINTING of money by the banks. This website is literally funnelling money into its accounts.

Sure, RIGHT NOW they may be paying people, however we are still in early days, and eventually this PONZI scheme will collapse once, however not after millions have been made.

The website right now as of 27th July 2017 the website DOES NOT EVEN HAVE FINANCIAL WARNINGS to tell you that any investment is a risk. A legitimate website would AT LEAST have this. So don’t be surprised if this kind of statement appears soon after I post this.

I just wonder how Benjamin Reynolds plans to take all the money out. It would be interesting to see his/her exit strategy.

But what about the reports?

You’ve given your money to this company who is day trading BTC. BTC goes up and down. How can they pay you if they are DOWN? By relying on more people joining and giving money. If BTC went down and everyone pulled out, the company is dead in the water.


Check the facebook page and find some of the reviews. Reports of money not all appearing, penalties on deposits…

Also, if you still want to put money in. i would suggest getting some profit and GTFO of the program immediately before the ponzi scheme falls over.

Bushrangers and cowboys

At this rate, this side of the crypto world is unregulated. It’s all bushrangers and cowboys scamming greedy people.


Going into day trade


Wallet account has gone from 0.84 to 0.61BTC in a few weeks. I’m not worried, because this was money I could afford to lose. So I will be HODLing for now.


I missed the ICO people report it is easier to buy EOS on exchanges, so I will probably do that when i get some more cashflow.


One of my contacts on facebook predicted the current BTC correction to half using purely technical analysis. I was amazed and looked into courses.

I came across one via one of the Crypto Coins Group from the user under the moniker “Jah Trader”. Pretty much on blind faith I sent over the sign up fee of approx $300USD (its monthly) and have signed up on a TRAINING program to do day trading. It’s more of a course where we watch Jah do his trades and explains some basic TA… then he answers any questions we have .

We are trading on the future bonds market with a ‘paper’ account which allows us to prove we can do profitable trades. Once we can prove this (after 3 months) then we can access a “$50k” account where we can trade. Before that 3 month mark i will have invested just about $1500 in fees. Is it worth it? We are assured IF WE PUT THE WORK IN it will work.

The ultimate goal is to learn how to analyse, read charts so that I can apply these to crypto coins.

I will report back on this in a few months.

Signed up for for a month

I signed up for because of their very detailed ICO analysis and community. In some ways it is similar to this website. It seems very useful to grasp on what other strategies the founder is going through to become a millionaire. I recommend signing up for a month, reading all the articles and if you like, stay on.

I have decided not to renew as I have read all the content and dont plan to invest in ICOs soon, so I don’t need the analyses. However I may return to hacked later simply for it’s sound financial advice and community.