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Where I am now

1/11/2017 Moved most alts to BTC in preparation for November Segwit fork –

6/11/2017 BTC has moved up 14%. Now sitting on 3.45 BTC


Just before November fork BTC will have moved up a few more percentage points – I will move all BTC into an alt or two, get a 20-30% gain right after the fork then change out, wait 30-60 minutes then change to Tether . AT this point it should be 20-50% gain in BTC.

I will then wait for BTC to drop using technical analysis and sentiment and buy back in. There is always the risk of BCH winning so this is why I am just going to tether rather than wait in BTC.

Post fork: 50% BTC to cold wallet, 25% btc and 25% Alts for trading.

I also have 1.4BCH as insurance in case of a random flippening.

For now, I am looking at past charts to see which alts show most potential (Hint: it seems the HYPED coins are the ones to go for)