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I have my other portfolio, and I will be using $1000 to start a “buy the hype and sell the news strategy”.

Currently more and more people are pouring into crypto and asking what coins to buy. I will be buying coins based on pure hype and sell and dump on events. Events include

  • Listing on exchanges. I’ve been watching some live listings on exchanges and the price usually drops right away.. it may rise later but that is not this strategy
  • Renaming, rebranding. e.g. lisk. Buy during hype and when the announcement is made, sell. Long term of course I would hold but it defeats this particular purpose
  • ICOs. This one is tricky. e.g. If a big project is being listed that only accepts NEO. I will buy NEO 2 or 3 days beforehand, and a few hours or minutes before launch, I will sell. Because of the time it takes for confirmation. I will probably do the following:
    • If BTC or ETH, sell 3-4 hours prior to sale
    • If NEO, sell 1 hr before
    • If Dash, LTC, sell 10 mins before.

I’ll keep a track and see how this goes.