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I’m going to read a bit more on crypto trading. I’ve joined the following groups on facebook yesterday

Crypto Traders – News and updates about crypto currency, good to get a macro look at what is happening rather than specific advice on day trading, about 200 members.

Crypto Coin Trader – Seems active, lots of posts as well a mix of ads and other things.

Crypto Trading Madness – Run by a man named Shezz Amin and he seems to know his stuff. about 2,200 members (900 new). Recommend this group.

Crypto Trading Signals – A huge group (10k+) however the content quality does not seem to be moderated well. Lots of advertisements rather than quality advice and its hard to sift through it all. many posts are also not in English.

Advanced Crypto Asset Trading – Originally capped at 900 members, the big recent influx of crypto currenty foragers have allowed an increase in members. They try to keep posts moderated and quality. English friendly and lots of active topics. They also have an even more advanced group for actual traders. I certainly don’t qualify yet fo rit.

I’ve applied for a few more and I’ll update this post as I am accepted and find out more.

I will soon get started on a trading platform (Poloniex?) to start with and just get used to the feel of how to trade.