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Could have made $1000 if I listened to my past self

This week BitCoin went up like CRAZY. like immensely. A few weeks prior I saw a lot of facebook ads promoting ETHEREUM. Could be classic pump and dump strategy by the FB groups, who knows.

I made an entry in my calendar a few weeks ago to buy approx $1k of bitcoin and you know what. I didn’t do it because I was too lazy to verify my identity. Shit doubled yesterday. (it has since gone down a bit).

Lesson learned


What I did today

  • I have trawled through Blackhatworld forums in the past few days, jumping on the CRYPTO bandwagon
  • I finally got into the world of PURCHASING MY FIRST BITCOIN CURRENCY! hurrah. I used localbitcoins (affiliate link) and within 2 minutes got about $500AUD // $350USD worth of bitcoin. I purchased $150USD worth from and now I have $500USD worth of bitcoin as of today (0.18209612BTC)

The Cryptocurrency Plan v1.0

  • Get the freak out of BTC and start investing in what they call ‘alt’ smaller volume coin currencies. People are hinting at PIVX or just looking at patterns of one or two waves and to ride the next wave to purchase at close to bottom and sell at close to top. There is a guy on BHW who is placing everything at one time to look for 5% gains. Seems to be a sound strategy which I will adopt
  • Long term BTC, ETH are agreed to be very good investments. However for short term gain it is easier to get multiple returns with smaller microcent investments.
  •  might be a victim of shiny object syndrome


I might be a victim of shiny object syndrome

I can think of all the crazy ideas I’ve had or followed. I just never stuck with them. My current shopify store was done out of greed rather than passion. I am lazy. The only thing I am consistent at is trying these new things. Maybe that is my passion. LOL