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First Profit trade!

Well I stuck with Crypto Trade Signals FB group suggestions (despite all the spam sifting) and bought some DGB and XRP coins on BITTREX. It was actually really easy to use.

DGB – when i checked the candlestick chart, the graph pricing was going down and the order quantity was getting smaller. From the BHW crypto thread this means its about to go up, so I bought at 1649 satoshis. I set a 9% profit sell at 1799 satoshis and went to bed. When I woke up, it was sold! Magic.

XRP – Luckily when I checked graphs the price point was low and the candles were red red but the length of the sticks were smaller, indicating imminent rise. According to my records I bought some at XRP at 11482 satoshis and set the sell at 11700 satoshis. (1.8% profit) and I got it! Minus the .25% fee that’s 1.5% profit, lol. I must have put a typo. Nethertheless, a win is a win.

Today I have placed some long and short term orders based on the Crypto Trade Signals Telegram group:

Short-med term

STRAT at 409998 and sell at 450000 satoshis (9.75%) I honestly don’t remember why I bought this.
RDD at 121 and sell at 250 satoshis (206%) It was advised RDD will reach 200+
FLDC at 910 and sell at 966 satoshis (6%) It was advised FLDC will pass 1000 sats
BTS at 4463 satoshis and sell at 4820 (8%) It was advised to hold long term

I suppose I am getting greedy for going more than 5%… my thinking is go hard first then go slow later. I might get burnt by this.

Long Term buys

ETC at 658740 sats (I will probably hold this for a few years as Ethereum seems to be solid)
PIVX at 60344 sats (as above)
GNT at 1891 sats (I will probably sell if needed, as I don’t know much about it but was recommended long term as well)

Today my wallet is estimated at 0.35BTC (900USD) I have no more spare Bitcoins so I might next do a crypto update when I sell more.