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How I made my Shopify descriptions sound PRO in 5 minutes

Without hiring a copywriter!

Take a second. Which description looks more appealing?


6 Rung Electric Heated Towel Rail

Imagine wrapping yourself up with a warm, dry and fluffy towel after a shower on a cold wintery day. This towel rail heat up as fast as 3 minutes, guaranteeing you with a warm towel or clothing every time. This is the easiest towel rail in the market to install due to its free standing style that does not require professional installation. Just plug in and ready to use. Made of contemporary polished stainless steel, it’s a bold modern piece that will complement your bathroom. Designed to stay constantly at 40- 50°C, giving you the warmness that you’re after on every chilly day.

* Portable and free standing
* 6 heated rods
* Constant temperature: 40 – 50°C
* 3 – 5 minutes heat up time
* Anti-corrosion aluminium finish
* Waterproof switch
* Sturdy base
* Quiet operation
* Energy saving
* Easy to install
* Ideal for drying towels, clothes, baby blankets, etc
* TUV certified

* Material: Aluminum
* Power: AC 220-240V, 220W
* Heated rods: 6
* Temperature range: 40-50°C

Package Contents
1 x Heated Towel Rail
1 x User Manual


This 6 bar Standalone Towel Warmer has 6 bars for hanging multiple items at once, making it ideal for warming up the entire family. Designed to run 24 hours a day, this towel warmer is powered by a standard electrical 240V outlet. With the perfect temperature of 40-50C degrees, you will be warmed up in no time!

Turn your bathroom into a luxury spa

This towel warmer is both high-end and affordable, making it simple to turn any bathroom into a luxury spa setting.

Not just towels. Warm all types of fabric.

Drap delicate materials that can’t be placed into the dryer onto the towel warmer and wait for them to dry. It heats up in a super fast 3 minutes. Use it to dry bathing suits after a day at the pool, or warm up a blanket in the wintertime before snuggling with it on the couch.


If you have plenty of floor space, or want to take it from room to room, you can do it! Absolute freedom on choice.

Incredibly Easy to use

When you wake up in the morning a the last thing you want to do is fiddle with complex technology.


We all know the second one looks better. The first was the description from the supplier. The second was a spin on an AMAZON description!

Simply go on amazon and look for similar products on their best sellers list which match your own. Find a product and get inspired!

Open the link and then I pretty much duplicated what they had.