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What I’ve been doing – launching ICO website soon

The past 2 months I’ve been working on trying to launch a website with a friend which lists crypto ICOs and what we think is a good one going to be. The market is tough and finding out ICO prices for various established coins is proving quite time consuming. Revenue is expected to be quite small and only come from advertising. It’s a labour of love.

I’ve mostly parked my funds in BTC and some alts. However my priority is still saving a deposit for a home.

(Australian) strategy to live partially off BTC or pay bills at a discount

The only trustworthy website out there is which allows you to pay BPAY or send money to your bank account from your bitcoin or favourite coin wallet. The strategy is this

  1. When BTC price is low, BUY BTC.
  2. When BTC price is high, transfer BTC to a BPAY bill or your bank account for imminent bill payment.
  3. Repeat.

This literally revolves on a constant source of fiat and recycling of BTC not to be used in alts.

If done right, you can get 5-20% discount on your fiat bills. I will need to do some figures on this but i will use it to pay my credit card bill later this month (market is rising right now in anticipation of the Oct 25 BTG fork)