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That’s what they all say right. Visualise the end and work backwards. My end goal is financial freedom to make choices in life.

Like every other damn person in this world.

I want to have a property portfolio and get into development. That needs money.

I have turned to the internet to help me get my initial funds. I will be using my job to fund my lifestyle and using my online earnings to save up for a deposit. ($160,000 AUD or $100,000 USD)

It’ll be a¬†combination of short and long term plans.

I tried a few months ago with dropshipping.

  • I have made a handful of sales but I am still running at a loss due to high ad spend (pretty sure I chose a dud niche).
  • Plus I’ve been slacking off. So here is the blog. It’s more an accountability thing.

Most ideas will be coming from black hat world forums and whatever I can find in the digital marketing world.

The blog is a bit messy but you have to fail forward, right?

Follow me on my journey. I’ll post what I can however most of my time will be working on whatever I am doing. I hope. Anything of special interest will get its own special page.